Compass Sports and Entertainment New York

Compass Sports and Entertainment Real Estate Division has selected the Columbia Vitolo Team to join their select team of vetted agents with experience working with sports and entertainment clients in the purchase or sale of real estate. 

Luxury tech-driven real estate platform Compass has an international sports and entertainment division. Compass Sports & Entertainment Division focuses on the specialized needs of professional athletes and entertainers in an increasingly connected global market through a custom high-tech and high-touch approach.

By way of background, The division was inspired in part by Compass Founder and Executive Chairman Ori Allon, who owns Israel’s Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team alongside NBA star Amare Stoudemire. “Owning a professional basketball team and working closely with the players gave me unique insights into their career-driven lifestyles. They may wake up one day in one city, only to learn they need to quickly move to another city with their entire family,” said Allon. “A well-informed agent who really understands their situation can be a huge time and energy saver for them – so they can focus on being their best.”

Susanne Columbia and Todd Vitolo have joined this national network of offices and agents to assist this clientele. The Columbia Vitolo Team has 32 years of experience selling luxury real estate in New York City and throughout that time has discreetly serviced many well-known sports and entertainment figures. 

“Compass Sports & Entertainment Division will serve a very important niche market that is equal parts real estate and concierge services. Sports stars and entertainers often find themselves having to shift life and career plans in a moment’s notice, and with Kofi’s expertise, Compass is prepared to seamlessly guide them through any stage in their journeys whether in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Washington DC, or beyond,” said Robert Reffkin, Compass Founder and CEO.

The group is comprised of select Compass agents in key markets across the country. The proprietary Compass Global network offers celebrities, professional athletes, and their agents instantaneous and discreet access to thousands of ultra high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs), developers, and top real estate professionals across the nation and internationally.

Beyond traditional real estate services, Compass Sports & Entertainment Division caters to the ever-changing schedules of pro-athletes and entertainers and can assist them in finding interior designers, architects, and moving companies, as well as more detailed programs such as personal chefs and private car services.

Connecting athletes with trusted advisors is imperative to ensure that these individuals are able to make their wealth last throughout their lifetimes — not just at the peak of their careers.

Professional athletes often find themselves in a position to purchase sizable real estate assets at a young age. Whether it be buying or leasing homes, their real estate needs tend to be career-specific and benefit from having the expertise of a broker with a s­­ports and entertainment client base.

From real-world issues that top athletes face including the uncertainty of how long they are going to be living in a particular city and team, the privacy and security of their home, having a turn-key home ready for them to move into that includes everything from bedding to a toothbrush and even a stocked pantry.

These clients are accustomed to focusing 99% of their attention on their profession. Having an agent that knows how to organize a real estate team of professionals and make the process from search to move in- as seamless as possible is essential.

Often times these celebrity clients need the same real estate advice as anyone else, is this a good purchase? Will I be able to sell it down the road easily? And other times they want to know if the building has a private underground garage that is connected to the building to avoid Paparazzi 

We discuss what their needs are both short term and long term. Is this a place they’re going to spend their off-seasons? Are they going to try to raise a family here?

With that information, the main focus becomes a lifestyle. Proximity to the things that are a part of their lives — schools, practice facilities, gyms, entertainment.

There are privacy and security concerns. Making sure that they are either in a gated community or a concierge secure building so you don’t have TMZ rolling up to your house, you don’t have stalkers or fans who can come straight to your front door. Also when you’re traveling, we want to make sure your home is secure and private.

As for any client, real estate is a long-term investment strategy, and with the professional athlete, you need to strategize based on the duration of time the athlete thinks they are going to be living there.

And of course these public figures are well represented where they live currently but having local real estate attorneys, mortgage bankers and financial advisors to consult with the client in their destination city and their business managers is par for the course. 

The Columbia Vitolo Team has a successful track record of working with industry gatekeepers- managers, advisors, lawyers- and a deep understanding of the nuances and delicateness of celebrity transactions. 

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