Sell Your Home (Before it Hits the Market)

On the fence about selling?

Are you only a seller at a certain price? Do you just want to “test the market”?

Or do you just want to position yourself for success when you do decide to hit the open market?

This post will explore all of the ways that our exclusive Compass Coming Soon platform will help you as a seller. 

We have been seeing lots of success with our Compass Coming Soon premarket listing platform.

This is how it works:

  • A Coming Soon listing is a property that is not yet officially on the market but is initially displayed exclusively on Compass prior to going live on the MLS. Coming Soon is a new feature on the Compass website that allows agents to get a head start marketing listings to consumers before they become active on the MLS. Pre-marketing a listing is a powerful way to build up interest and demand, gain more exposure and gather valuable feedback.
  • Increase Exposure: positioned on the Compass homepage and prioritized in search results, Compass Coming Soon listings are the first homes buyers see when they visit Not only are these listings promoted site-wide, but they may be featured in both national and regional marketing campaigns at no extra cost to you.
  • Build Demand and Sell Faster: Pre-marketing is one of the most powerful ways to create demand before a product is even available: Hollywood releases a trailer for a blockbuster movie, and Tesla gets thousands of people to sign up for a car two years before it’s on the market. A Coming Soon will create excitement and anticipation for a property so when it officially comes to the market, you can expect multiple private showings and a better open house turnout.
  • Test, Adjust, and Launch: Coming Soon listings give you two opportunities to launch your property: First, when the listing appears on, and then days later when the listing goes on the MLS and aggregators. Compass Coming Soon gets your listing in front of a larger audience.




  • Get Valuable Feedback: Coming Soon allows you to test the market – and learn from it — so your listing performs even better on the MLS. During the Coming Soon period, sellers and their agents can gain valuable feedback from the market on elements like pricing, photos and positioning of the property. When it’s time to go live, your listing will be perfectly priced and positioned to sell quickly.
  • Generate buzz
    Compass Coming Soon allows you to bring your home to market sooner with differentiated print, digital, and social media marketing materials designed to pique buyers’ interest. When it’s ready to go live on the broader market, you’ll have the opportunity to launch your listing for the second time, attracting even more attention.

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