Why Staging is the Best Money Any Seller Can Spend

  Staging is worth every penny. Hands down. After thousands of buyer showings of both furnished and unfurnished apartments, I can tell you one thing that is certain: very few buyers have a vision when it comes to an empty apartment. A good staging job will impress any buyer that comes through the door and […]

Sell Your Home (Before it Hits the Market)

On the fence about selling? Are you only a seller at a certain price? Do you just want to “test the market”? Or do you just want to position yourself for success when you do decide to hit the open market? This post will explore all of the ways that our exclusive Compass Coming Soon […]

Case Study: Estate Sale Used Compass Concierge to Increase Property Value Prior to Listing

Seller Case Study #2 (Compass Concierge) Problem: The Estate doesn’t have the liquidity to pay for the repairs in order to get the most value out of the sale. Background: Estate consisting of three adult children beneficiaries have retained us to sell their late mother’s artist loft in Soho. The loft was purchased 35 years […]

Why using a Buyers Agent is the Smart Financial Decision

For as long as we have been selling real estate, a small subsection of the buyer’s pool (currently around 10%) believes that working without a buyers agent representing you is an advantage. It’s not. Here’s why: Have Someone Looking Out for Your Financial Best Interests: If you deal directly with the listing agent and are […]

Need to Sell Before You Buy? Not Anymore…

We have solved one of the greatest pain points for buyers looking to move on from their current home and purchase a new one.  New Job? New family member arriving soon and you need more space? Is your child changing schools? Divorce?  Fell in love with a unique home that you need to secure before […]

Manhattan is on Sale Right Now. It’s a Sale Like I Haven’t Seen in 10 Years.

How Does Three Years Paid Common Charges and a 10% Discount Sound?  I toured a lovely family around town this week to look at purchasing a two-bedroom pied a terre.  We toured 10 properties in two days. What struck me most about my experience this week was how enthusiastic sellers brokers were about making a […]

Don’t Buy the Apartment Next Door

Thinking about purchasing the apartment next door to you?… think again. Combining apartments does two things: First, it creates higher than normal maintenance or common charges. With two units you are now paying for overlapping building services and expenses. From the doorman, building staff, repairs, and even that roof deck you never use. When you […]

Compass Sports and Entertainment New York

Compass Sports and Entertainment Real Estate Division has selected the Columbia Vitolo Team to join their select team of vetted agents with experience working with sports and entertainment clients in the purchase or sale of real estate.  Luxury tech-driven real estate platform Compass has an international sports and entertainment division. Compass Sports & Entertainment Division […]

Case Study: Seller Uses Compass Concierge to Squeeze More Value From Their Loft

Marketing luxury real estate has changed. As has the role of your real estate broker. Our modern marketing approach starts even before a property is listed.  We provide not only the strategy necessary to maximize the value of their property but the liquidity needed to make the process simple and stress-free. We now have a […]

Negotiation Overview: Buyers and the Sale of Your Home

You listed your home for sale, and now you have an offer on it. Things now have gotten real. What should you do next? Counter any reasonable or even unreasonable offer, it is the first step to getting to the buyers bottom line. Negotiating with the buyer and their agent or broker is perhaps the […]