A Good Real Estate Attorney is Worth their Weight in Gold

Sellers should ask their broker for a real estate attorney referral. Get the names of the broker’s two favorite attorneys. They will likely refer you to someone great, that will get the deal done. Trust us, the broker wants the deal to close as much as you do. Whatever you do, don’t retain one because […]

Do I need a buyers agent when purchasing in NYC?

Having a Great Buyer’s Agent Is Better Than StreetEasy Going it alone? Think StreetEasy is all you need? Let me tell you why you are at a disadvantage by not working with a buyer’s agent in your home search. Firstly, have you seen the inventory lately? There are 46 two-bedrooms on the market in Tribeca […]

Case Study: Seller believes their unique loft is worth more than the comparable sales

Seller Case Study: Coming Soon Problem: Seller believes their unique artists loft is worth more than the comparable sales. This is a common seller pain point.  A seller came to us frustrated after meeting with 2 different realtors to sell a classic Tribeca loft. After those meetings, the seller felt that none of them truly […]

25 Park Row Kitchen

Co-Op’s Are Nightmares

Co-op purchases can be a nightmare. Just kidding. NYC’s for-purchase housing pool is still about 75% co-op the last time we checked. There is no better value out there right now for buyers. Like everything else in life, there is a spectrum ranging from great to nightmare and each co-op is taken on a case-by-case […]

Columbia Vitolo Team at Corcoran

How Should I Decide the Asking Price of My NYC Apartment?

How Should I Decide the Asking Price of My NYC Apartment? First and foremost, pricing real estate is more art than science. There is no formula; there is usually more than one correct strategy. Unlike a stock, for example, no two apartments, buildings, views, or blocks are the same. Sprinkle some buyer emotion into the […]

Columbia Vitolo Team at The Corcoran Group

5 Tips for Purchasing in a New Development

An insiders perspective of what buyers should look for when purchasing in a new development condominium.    First and most important is that unless the project has been built already and is ready for move-in, you should be flexible on your closing timeline. Construction always equals delays. Be prepared to wait 6 months and up […]

25 Park Row Luxury Condo

Introducing: 25 Park Row

25 Park Row boasts unmatched views over historic City Hall Park from every residence. Sweeping views include the Hudson River, the Woolworth Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and beyond. Designed by CookFox Architects, the marble-and-bronze 25 Park Row offers captivating views near and far, courtesy of its position facing City Hall Park, a nearly nine-acre expanse.  Select features […]