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Need to Sell Before You Buy? Not Anymore…

We have solved one of the greatest pain points for buyers looking to move on from their current home and purchase a new one.  New Job? New family member arriving soon and you need more space? Is your child changing schools? Divorce?  Fell in love with a unique home that you need to secure before […]

Case Study: Seller Uses Compass Concierge to Squeeze More Value From Their Loft

Marketing luxury real estate has changed. As has the role of your real estate broker. Our modern marketing approach starts even before a property is listed.  We provide not only the strategy necessary to maximize the value of their property but the liquidity needed to make the process simple and stress-free. We now have a […]

A Good Real Estate Attorney is Worth their Weight in Gold

Sellers should ask their broker for a real estate attorney referral. Get the names of the broker’s two favorite attorneys. They will likely refer you to someone great, that will get the deal done. Trust us, the broker wants the deal to close as much as you do. Whatever you do, don’t retain one because […]