West Village

Downtown West, Houston Street to 14th Street, Seventh Avenue to the Hudson River.

The West Village (the extension of Greenwich Village west of Seventh Avenue) certainly follows its own jazzy rhythms. Spend a day browsing the West Village’s bookstores, cozy cafes, and antique shops with all kinds of bric-a-brac for sale reminiscent of Paris. The apartments tend to have historic charm too, many with fireplaces and hidden gardens.

Often the older buildings have been renovated, so behind many a landmark façade is a Bulthaup kitchen with a six-burner stove! The West Village sprawls westward from Greenwich Village, bordered by Chelsea to its north. This historic district features elegant pre-war brownstones, cobblestones and tree-lined alleyways. Its ramshackle streets wind their way in a somewhat quirky layout that’s a pleasure to explore; you may even find yourself at the corner of Waverly Place and Waverly Place. With cozy bookstores, outdoor cafés and eccentric antique shops lining the twisting alleyways, you’re forgiven for thinking you’ve wandered into a forgotten corner of Paris. The neighborhood also includes the chic Meatpacking District enclave along the river, with its famed nightlife and luxury hotels. Residents enjoy close proximity to nearly all major subway lines in neighboring Greenwich Village and Union Square. Impressive brownstones and sculpted façades line the crooked streets of the West Village. Neighbors gather on their broad stoops or in courtyard gardens, and many buildings feature large, imposing doorways. The area has a low skyline, and most buildings do not exceed 12 stories in height to retain the West Village’s original charm. Architecture styles are diverse, with Romanesque Revivals next door to Italianate and Beaux-Arts homes. Inside these 19th-century historic buildings is often a different story. A landmark façade may mask an of-the-moment kitchen and minimalist fixtures. As you head toward the river, West Village real estate takes on a more industrial edge.

The Meatpacking District features spacious, contemporary lofts with views spanning the Hudson and floor-to-ceiling windows. The first house in the West Village still stands at 132 Charles Street. Built in 1820, it marks the area’s first population boom when the neighborhood grew from a former landfill. A waterfront trade industry has long existed in the West Village, due to its position along the Hudson River. Like many New York neighborhoods, the area has changed drastically over time. The High Line was once an elevated rail line serving the area, and the Meatpacking District was so named for the 250 slaughterhouses that once filled its streets. Today, those buildings are now boutiques and lofts and the High Line is a park. The West Village also includes a long and storied legacy as a center for jazz and literature. A number of writers have left their mark here over the years, including Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain

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